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Residential Appraisals

From Townhomes to Waterfront Estates. We Do It All.

When it comes to residential real estate, we provide appraisals on virtually any type of residential property from single-family homes and townhomes to multi-acre waterfront estates with amenities ranging from indoor swimming pools to formal gardens.

From reasons such as estate purposes, assistance with pricing a home for sale and mortgage purposes, there are many reasons to have a need for a residential appraisal.  We can meet them all.

As a homeowner, having a reliable and accurate appraisal allows you to make the best decision possible when deciding to either sell your current home or purchase an existing home.

As the seller of a property, having an accurate appraisal allows you to price the property correctly. And, as a buyer of a home, you’ll be able to get the best information you need when qualifying for a mortgage.

As a real estate professional, having that credible and accurate appraisal helps create a better environment for buying and selling real estate for your own clients with competitive pricing information and credible mortgage approval information.

With the experience and expertise of Platinum Appraisals in producing high quality appraisals, you’ll have the confidence in our delivery of credible and reliable information.