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We all know that in order for a property to sell and a buyer to obtain a mortgage, the home must be priced right. Pricing a home too high can be a detriment to your listing, as it can go stale and get no offers. And pricing a home too low means you and the seller may not see potential revenue from the sale of the property.

Platinum Appraisers works with you to price homes and real property realistically by providing a credible appraisal based on the market approach. These appraisals are completed by our certified appraisers who also work for banks. They are very aware of what it takes to obtain a mortgage and how to support sales pieces by the market approach.  As a REALTOR, this is very helpful to you so you can make sure that every buyer who puts in an offer can ultimately obtain a mortgage because they offered a realistic and appropriate price.

Our appraisers are acutely aware of what can happen if the property is not appraised with supportable market value information, with either the price of the property set too high or set too low. If a property sells above the supportable market, the appraisal may come in too low, thus hindering the close of the transaction.

If the asking price is too high, the property may remain unsold for a longer period of time.

Armed with credible evidence of the true market value, you know you’ll get the best possible price in the shortest period of time.